Taryn Kukle is the Owner of the Lice People and has been certified in Katie Shepherd’s Strand-By-Strand Nit Removal Method to eliminate lice.

Most head lice removal companies simply comb the hair with a nit comb and that’s it.

The Lice People take lice removal one-step further, by practicing the Shepherd Method™. After the initial combing is completed, the hair is then divided into 4 equal parts. Each quadrant is then examined, in paper-thin sections, one strand of hair at a time. Then, just to be sure, we do a final visual head check for any missed nits or bugs.. We believe this is the only way to guarantee thoroughly clean, lice free hair and to provide our clients with the best service possible!

We are the one of the only  head lice removal companies in Canada, certified and trained in the Shepherd Method™. Katie Shepherd, the founder of this method, is recognized as one of the top lice experts in the world.

We care about you and your family, and are always available to answer your questions or to alleviate your fears.Katie Shepherd

After dealing with head lice first hand in her own children’s hair, Taryn Kukle, owner of The Lice People was SO stressed out.  She spent many hours going through her children’s hair, spent lot’s of money on useless and harmful products, and countless hours cleaning her house from top to bottom.  She even packed up her family and moved out of the house for three days!!!  This was all unnecessary and expensive work due to the misinformation given about head lice.  That’s when she knew she needed to do something about it and the idea of The Lice People was conceived!

The Lice People uses a safe and non-toxic lice removal technique utilizing The Shepherd Method of Strand By Strand Nit Removal developed by world renowned lice expert, Katie Shepherd.  The Lice People staff are well educated about the lifecycle of lice, how to prevent it along with all the myths and questions associated with it.  We are pleased to provide support to families, schools, camps and communities by offering current information and safe solutions to head lice eradication.  We believe education is the best defense to beating these pesky critters.