My experience with your clinic was absolutely wonderful. As I am sure you know I was incredibly upset about what happened. The two ladies that were working were wonderful and sweet
They stayed to treat myself daughter and myself when they should have been closing up for the night because I was so upset.They explained how to look for the nits and the lice showed me how to use the comb. You are doing a wonderful thing by having your clinic and it really is a great place. Megan G. Maple
Your services where fantastic.  You fixed the problem correctly, immediately, and provided proper take home literature.  Most importantly, after the kids where treated and pronounced clean, my head automatically stopped itching!  John N. Markham

Your clinic/service is AWESOME!  I only wish I had spent the time googling options 3 weeks ago instead of panicking and running to the drugstore. After struggling with DIY solutions at home just to realize that I was infested and likely re-infesting my kids was devastating.  We were incredibly frustrated and could see no end in sight.  Then I found your website.Your staff were amazing, they really made us feel comfortable and eliminated the embarrassment and “ick” factor.  I left feeling much more in control of my situation and armed with not only the proper tools but also the knowledge to take care of my family – I need that. I have taken some of your information sheets/flyers to my kids school and have encouraged the administration to pass along your company information to anyone else looking for help.  Knowing that regardless of what I do to treat and protect my kids means very little when I have no choice but to send them back into the classroom to be exposed again is maddening.  At the very least I feel safer in the knowledge that I can turn to your service to help me in the future if needed.I owe you and your staff a HUGE THANK YOU!  I have already told numerous people (and will continue to do so) about your clinic and the exceptional service you provide.Keep up the great work!  Lisa S. Maple

The Lice People are life savers! After weeks of battling lice at home they were able to remove everything from both my daughter and myself in a few hours.  The service was incredible thanks to Michelle and Tammy. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.  Jen .C Bolton

What a great service. They treated both my son and daughter in early July and they’ve been lice-free ever since. Great environment for kids – not only are the staff great with kids, my kids were able to watch movies throughout their treatments. The Lice People are definitely the way to go. Amber G. Toronto

I have been recommending The Lice People services to everyone I know. They’re SO right in saying not to waste time and money on home treatments. I had gone down that route before and had indeed wasted time and money on Nix. I as spent countless hours picking through my daughters hair causing both her and I many tears.  I wish I had known about them from the beginning.  They’re absolutely fantastic in every way. The staff is amazing and they were so caring with my daughter. I’m so happy to have found them!  Cathy B. Maple

Awesome experience!! You took a horrible outlook and turned it into almost a pleasant treatment! My kids want to come back because it was so much fun! My daughter has the thickest, curliest hair and you all did an incredible job. I was so upset when I came in and you made us feel so comfortable and at ease! I’ve sent new customers to you and I can’t say enough good things about your service! Tracy P. Thornhill

To start, thank you so much for switching your schedule and responding to my call so quickly yesterday. I really appreciate it. It made a distressing situation so much more bearable. To give you some background, our school has a lice epidemic. This has been a non stop event since the fall. Thanks to (another mother), I was informed of your company. They were extremenly professional and put me (a critter phobic) at ease.  Christine M. Mississauga

If you have lice and are reading this testimonial, then STOP!  Pick up the phone and call The Lice People or go to their Toronto lice removal salon. I promise you it will be the best money you’ve ever spent! To all the wonderful ladies at The Lice People, thank you doesn’t seem like enough. Out battle with Lice was never ending and you took us in during our darkest hour and turned our tears into laughter. We had spent hundreds of dollars in just a few weeks before coming. We where given so much false information and treatment advice. When we discovered lice on our heads once again, I thought I was going to go crazy. I called Taryn at 5:30 on a Wednesday night, just as the shop was closing. She could hear the desperation in my voice and didn’t hesitate a moment when she said to come right in. They immediately checked all of us and found that all three of us that had used drug store treatments still had many live lice and multiple nits. These women not only stayed late and worked tirelessly on my family, they entertained us and literally turned the entire event into a lice party.I cannot say enough good things about our experience at The Lice People.  The salon was adorable and my kids loved the choice of movies. They are clearly dedicated to customer service and making their clients feel very special. We have been lice free for many weeks now, but the lice education that was provided to us by The Lice People will be with us forever. I will always be grateful to you for what they did for my family and you know I will be spreading the word to everyone I know.  Pat T. Toronto

Lice is embarrassing and it’s tough not to feel guilty or dirty.  However, the staff at The Lice People are so relaxed and realistic about how lice is spread that all those “mom” feelings are alleviated immediately.  In fact, my kids thought it was pretty fun to be there with dvds and lollipops! Thanks to The Lice People.  Mark T. Thornhill

Taryn from The Lice People is awesome! My daughter had lice and I was in a  panic. I didn’t know what to do.  A friend recommended Taryn to me. I called her and she calmed me down. I was able to go right into her lice removal salon in Toronto. My daughter was able to go to school the next day. Taryn answered all my  questions, and there were many. She was able to explain what was going on to my daughter and I. She had the patience of a saint. She had to work on my daughter for hours.  Thanks goodness for the large selection of movies to watch. She did two rechecks and all was good. I hope I never have to go through that  again. But if I do I will definitely call her.  I would totally recommend The Lice People to anyone who has to go through this. She is very professional and compassionate.   Maria C. Woodbridge

Unfortunately, lice is an all-too-common reality in our schools and seemingly unavoidable.  I am grateful that instead of soaking my family in toxic, ineffective chemicals, I could turn to The Lice People for lice treatment in Vaughan to make it go away as quickly and easily as possible.  Stacey J. Maple

Taryn is amazing!! She is responsive, flexible, and very knowledgeable.  She was on time, patient with my less than thrilled son, and once she cleaned out his head, checked the rest of us. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has to go through getting these horrible critters.  Dianne K. Woodbridge

Thank you so much for all of your help ridding us of lice! I spent two days picking nits out of my daughter’s hair and didn’t come close to getting them all. It was well worth the money bringing her to your salon because I didn’t have to take any more time off work or put my daughter through another day (or several days) of sitting through me picking out nits! In less than two hours, you got them all! I wish we had known about your company sooner – it would have saved us so much time and money spent on lice shampoo. Since my daughter passed the lice on to me, I am so glad I was able to have you get rid of all the nits in my hair too, since I don’t have anyone who will spend several days picking them out of my hair! Your tips and suggestions were very helpful so we can hopefully prevent a reoccurence. I have let many people know about your service so I’m sure you’ll be getting some calls:) Thanks again! Danielle B. Pickering