Are your kids bringing home unwanted friends from camp – in their hair???

You are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your children from summer camp.  Were they checked for lice before they headed home?  Even if they were checked, The Lice People (Toronto’s experts in lice removal) strongly recommends that you recheck them upon their return.  Lice can often go undetected in the very early stages as there is a gestation period.

When checking for lice, you will most often find nits (eggs) attached to the hair shaft.  The little buggers move very quickly and hide from the light.  Most often you will only see live bugs if the infestation is severe.  The nits are fixated to the hair shaft.  They are smaller than a sesame seed and range in colour from white to brown.  Dandruff and hair debris may look similar but, unlike nits, are easily removed from the hair.  Unless you are an expert, mild cases may be very difficult to detect.

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