Avoid a Lousy Costume

October is a month filled with scenic beauty and family fun. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities of Halloween while overlooking the ever-present threat of lice.

Many of us believe that lice are more prevalent in the warmer months, but they are just as prevalent in the colder months as well. Though most schools have already conducted school head checks, there are still many children presenting with lice well into October. Granted, there are some schools in Ontario which have not yet performed back-to-school lice checks, there are children who have slipped under the radar during already performed checks, as well as children who have been re-infested prior to detection of lice and treatment.
Unfortunately children who have not been positively diagnosed with lice are continuously exposing others to the threat of obtaining lice.

Whether your child had, has, or has never had lice, it is important to sit down with your kids and talk to them about lice prevention. There are a few key rules that we recommend:

Always keep long and loose hair tied up or clipped back while at school and during after school programs- lice will take full advantage of loose, dangling hair – it’s an open invitation for infestation.

Avoid sharing head and hair accessories- especially with winter on its way, hats and scarves should not be shared. Also with Halloween around the corner, sharing of masks and costumes should too be avoided.

The use of The Lice People Mint Spray is a great lice repellent- especially if your child has already had lice. A quick spray in the morning before school is all that’s needed to help protect your children from lice.

If there is a known lice infestation in your child’s school, we recommend you bring your child in to The Lice People for a head check. A mild case of headlice can go unnoticed by the untrained eye until a few weeks later when it has reached a moderate to severe case of lice- and even then unless your child complains of common symptoms associated with lice- such as itching- it can still go unnoticed.

Our thorough head checks will confirm if your child has even the mildest case of headlice- which then our treatment will completely eliminate the infestation in one sitting.

Call us today, and have your children not only enjoy a lice-free Halloween, but a lice-free school year.

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