Battling with lice treatment

For centuries people have been battling lice, though in the last 50 years we have been lucky enough to have head lice treatments provided to us to eliminate lice once and for all. These days, however, what used to be fail-safe treatments are now nothing but mere time and money wasters. Lice have built up full immunity to these once very effective store bought treatments – leaving us scratching our heads wondering what steps we may have missed, where we went wrong, and of course, what now?

The answer is – no steps were missed and nothing was done wrong… It’s just that unknown to most of us is that store bought treatments are now as useless as wishing lice away.

As for the question of ‘what now?’, the answer is simple- professional lice treatment! Yes- there are professional lice treatment salons in our midst!

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice treatment salon based in Toronto. Our method is simple and effective- we don’t use toxins or pesticides, we actually manually remove every lice bug and egg ensuring that by the end of your treatment with us, you will be LICE FREE!! And what’s more- we make sure you remain lice-free after your treatment with us.

Give us a call today, and make your lice woes a thing of the past.
416 7007434 or 905 7609292 or visit

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