Christmas Cheers and Head Lice Fears

Christmas is just around the corner- a time for family togetherness, fun, and memories to be made. If there is one thing that can bring the holiday cheer to an abrupt halt- it would have to be head lice.

That’s right- lice does not take a vacation- we are always at risk of contracting it on a daily basis – so let’s keep one step ahead of head lice this season.

Sure, over this time we’ll be with friends and family in big warm and welcoming crowds, exchanging gifts, hugs, and kisses. We need to be cautious about sharing hair and head accessories such as brushes, hair bands, hats, and even scarves. Also, it’s a given that not all of us are going to keep our hair up in tight braids or buns over the holidays, but rather styled and jazzed up for those special get-togethers. That being said, head lice most commonly transfer by/to loose hair, so its handy to have a good lice comb such as the Terminator comb for after the night’s festivities, to comb out any unwanted critters before it evolves into an uncontrollable infestation.

Here at The Lice People, a Toronto-based professional head lice treatment clinic, we do everything from lice removal, prevention, and education. All our products, including the Terminator comb, are effective and safe to use on everyone of all ages. Whether you’ve never had lice, have had it recently, or many years ago, we have everything you need to ensure a lice-free holiday.
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