Focus On Spring Cleaning, Not On Head lice Removal

Here in Toronto, most of us are singing the winter blues- wishing and planning for the arrival of spring. Though it is an exciting time anticipating the end of the cold and welcoming the warmth, we certainly don’t want our excitement stunted by head lice.

It’s amazing that a bug no bigger than an ant can cause such havoc in such a short amount of time. Not only can the infestation itself be a frightening reality, but the emotional stress and frustration that comes with it is enough to make anyone snap and take a razor to their heads.

Whether you have dealt with it before, or this is your first time, head lice removal is another chapter in the upheavals of having lice.

Head lice removal has become unnecessarily complicated, whether it is through store bought products that don’t work, home remedies that are messy and don’t work, or going through the hair yourself for hours on end- picking out everything you can only to discover more eggs in an area you had already thoroughly been through.

So now you may be asking yourself “what now?!” and “is there no end?!”.

There is indeed an end- with The Lice People.

We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice removal salon located in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of lice technicians are thoroughly trained in detection, head lice removal, prevention, and education. The service we offer differs from store bought solutions or remedies in the sense that we don’t solely rely on products. We use a strand-by-strand technique that allows us to go thoroughly through the entire head removing all bugs and eggs.

Our clinic and products are safe, non-toxic and pesticide free.  We accommodate all ages.

We guarantee that you will be lice-free the same day you come in for treatment.

Let us handle your lice woes- and once again resume your excitement and planning for the beautiful spring that’s just around the corner.

Call us, The Lice People, today at 905 7609292 or 416 7007434 or visit us at:

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