Get Ahead Of Lice Before They Get To You – Head Lice Removal in Toronto

For those of you who have recently had head lice, currently have or are dealing with re-occurring head lice, or even have never had head lice before- you have come to the right place! The Lice People take care of all your lice removal issues right here in Toronto.

Today is the day you put your foot down and get take control of head lice. Nothing so small should rule your life.

First we need to understand the nature of head lice- they are strictly confined to humans and human head hair. They don’t jump or fly into your hair- they run from one head to another in a matter of seconds if given the opportunity – and preferably clean hair at that.
It could be from anything as innocent as a hug or closely sitting next to someone on the subway.

So are there ways to prevent transmitting head lice? Sure there are:

1. if you know of anyone with head lice that you’ve been in contact with or are going to be in contact with, keep your distance until you know they are clear. If you are concerned, please don’t hesitate to call our head lice removal clinic in Toronto.

2. keep any long or loose hairs up in a ponytail, bun or braids- and any fly-away hairs should be clipped back. Head lice are opportunists- all it takes is one dangling hair for them to latch onto.

3. avoid sharing any hair or head accessories (brushes, hair elastics, clips, hats, and scarves. Although getting head lice from anything other than direct hair-to-hair contact is only a 2% chance- you still don’t want to take the chance – head lice removal can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

4. use good quality lice repellents on a daily basis. We, The Lice People, have a variety of all-natural chemical and pesticide-free lice repellent products such as our shampoos, conditioners, mint sprays and more available at our head lice removal clinic in Toronto. These products are great for those who have had head lice as well as those wanting to prevent lice altogether- especially if your children are attending a school where there has been an outbreak.

If you are dealing with a current or re-occurring head lice infestation, The Lice People can help you. We are a professional head lice removal clinic located in Toronto. Our trained staff do everything from lice detection, lice removal, lice prevention, and lice education. Even if you don’t currently have head lice we provide you with the tools to ensure you stay clear of ever getting head lice.

Give us, The Lice People, a call today. Don’t delay your visit to our Toronto head lice removal clinic.

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