Head Lice, Meet Your Toronto Solution For Head Lice Removal

For centuries humans have been faced with head lice. Nobody knows exactly how they came to be, but what is known is that they’ve consistently proven to be extremely difficult to get rid of… until now…

The most common method of head lice removal we turn to or are recommended by others are over-the-counter head lice removal products. Just because these products are readily available does not mean they are effective. Unfortunately what most of us don’t realize is that these products have remained unchanged since they first came on the market- meaning it has given head lice ample time to build an immunity to such products. Worst of all- the eggs are left completely unharmed and ready to hatch -only perpetuating a head lice infestation.

So now what?
The answer lies with The Lice People! We, The Lice People are a professional lice removal clinic located in Toronto. Our staff are trained in head lice detection, specialized head lice removal treatment, head lice prevention as well as head lice education. The key to our treatment in comparison to the products currently on the market is that we go through the hair strand-by-strand removing all bugs and eggs in one sitting- without the use of harsh toxins or pesticides.

Break the cycle of seeking store-bought treatments that don’t work- give us a call and visit out Toronto salon today and put an end to lice once and for all.

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