Head Lice Treatment Myths

While head lice infestation might sound pretty awful, do not panic and know that it is a common problem among children. Though as common as head lice infestation is, there is still a lot of misunderstandings about their treatment. Here are some common head lice treatment myths and the underlying facts.

To kill head lice, you must put all the belongings of your kid in a plastic bag, and then leave them in the bag for couple of weeks.

This is a recommendation that was used many years ago. Today, people have discovered that head lice cannot survive for a long time while away from the host. The best way to get rid of lice in your home is to vacuum all the items and areas your kid may have put his head on, wash his towels and linens with hot water and then hot dry them to kill any head lice
Head lice are very contagious and kids with lice should be isolated till the nits are gone.

Lice are often spread through head to head contact, allowing them to move from one individual to another. Lice don’t have wings and so cannot fly nor jump from one kid to another. Instead, they crawl from child to another when children put their heads together. So keeping the child out of school before the treatment is complete is not necessary. The best way to prevent transmission is to avoid close contact and sharing of personal items.

In fact, the National Association of School Nurses and American Academy of Pediatrics have called on schools to revise their “no-nit” policies, requiring students to stay at home till they are fully free of lice. Today, doctors are recommending that kids be allowed to go to school as long as they have begun lice treatment.

Natural alternative lice treatments are always safe and effective

Parents are advised to be cautious when using lice treatment products that are claimed to be “natural” to treat their kids. Many treatment products have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and might contain ingredients, like certain essential oils, which are not safe for use on young kids. Always consult your doctor before applying any treatment product on your kid’s scalp. And remember that no product, be it natural or not, can be 100% effective in eliminating lice and nits.

These were some of the common lice treatment myths that people have. Remember that head lice treatment should be carried out on each person living in your home to make sure they are completely eliminated from the house.

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