Home Treatments vs. Professional Head lice Removal

The lice epidemic in Toronto continues to spread as desperate parents everywhere are looking for a quick and effective solution to the problem. Even though home treatments have been proven to be progressively less and less effective, they still remain to be a popular choice. Almost all treatments available at pharmacies claim to effectively kill all lice bugs and their eggs. Unfortunately what they don’t tell you is that the chances of killing lice bugs are low and that it is impossible to kill the eggs. Lice bugs have formed a resistance to these pesticide treatments over the years, and where some users have been successful, the majority have not. Lice eggs on the other hand CANNOT be killed by pesticide treatments. Currently, there is nothing available to kill the eggs. The shells are practically impenetrable by any substance, therefore will withstand any treatment(s) applied. The eggs will hatch and continue the cycle. What is worse is that the lice combs that are included in these treatment kits are poor quality at best. If they don’t break the first time you use them they certainly won’t remove the bugs and eggs that are left in the hair.

We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice removal clinic located in Toronto. Our treatments differ from those you would find at the pharmacies in that you’ve got a team of lice professionals working with all-natural products to manually remove all lice bugs and eggs in one sitting. We don’t rely on chemical-based products to “kill” head lice. Rather, we manually remove everything ensuring there is nothing left in the hair by the time you leave . Not only do we remove the lice, we ensure you have all the tools necessary to prevent lice from ever returning.

Don’t struggle with the never-ending woes of home lice treatments. Call us, The Lice People, today at 905.760.9292 or 416.937.5548 or visit www.thelicepeople.com