Lice: Fact vs. Fiction

LICE. Who would think that the sight and sound of this four-letter word could instill such fear and disgust to most people who hear it? The mere thought of lice leaves us scratching our heads and seeking solitude. Sure, they’re annoying and the idea of bugs in our hair is creepy, but why is there such a stigma associated with head lice?

When asked, most people will relate a lice infestation to poor hygiene. Living in a dirty environment or playing in dirt will cause you to pick up lice… This is completely FALSE!

It is proven that lice prefer and thrive in clean hair as opposed to dirty hair. Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oil making it easier for the bugs to move along the hair shaft.  With oil present on the hair, bugs have greater difficulty gripping on as it becomes like walking on ice for them.

As far as contracting lice from sand, dirt, or animals, that too is FALSE. 98% of head lice is transferred by DIRECT HEAD-TO-HEAD CONTACT. The other 2% comes from sharing hair and head accessories. Head lice feed on human blood and cannot survive without it for more than 24 hours.  Head lice are unable to digest and survive off of animal blood as well as cling properly to animal fur.

Lice is nothing to be ashamed of and is just as common as a cold!

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. We are here to diffuse all misconceptions associated with lice. Our team of lice specialists are here not only to provide complete lice treatment, but to educate on the facts of lice and to dispel any ill feelings towards lice.

Don’t be a victim of lice and its stigmas. We will see to it that you walk away completely lice free and educated on how to prevent future lice infestations.

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