Specialized products that immobilize the live lice and nymphs and then break the bond between the hair and the glue-like substance that holds the nit to the hair shaft must be used.  The only way to ensure that lice and nits are completely removed is to manually remove them.  This process involves going strand-by-strand through the hair to ensure that nothing is left over.

Be aware of any products that claim to kill head lice and their eggs.  There is no such product available to consumers that can safely kill head lice and their eggs available to consumers.  Most often these products are toxic and NOT safe for our heads.   Additionally, research proves that NO product can kill lice eggs (nits). The only confirmed way to completely remove a case of head lice in one treatment is to manually remove every louse, nymph and nit!

Prevention is key, and after head lice have been effectively removed, there are ways to help keep them away. Following these preventive measures reduces the risk of re-infestation:

  1. Notifying everyone that you have come into contact with is very important.  Be a friend, Tell a friend!  THERE IS NO SHAME IN HAVING HEAD LICE!  Unless all those that have been in contact with the person that has had head lice have been checked and treated, the outbreak will continue.
  2. The Lice People will provide you with a simple checklist of procedures to be performed in your home, in your car and to your family’s personal belongings. There is no need to spend enormous time, energy or money on this exercise.  The lice do not live for long periods of time off the scalp.
  3. Keeping hair up in ponytails or braids and spraying daily with The Lice People’s Mint Repellant Spray are extremely effective preventive measures.
  4. Use of The Lice People Mint Repellant Spray or Gel is encouraged for shorter hair as well.
  5. Running The Lice People’s head lice comb through the hair once or twice a week is a helpful way to stay on top of potential re-infestations or catch a new case in its infancy. In addition, after your treatment by one of our technicians, you will be instructed on how to perform a head-check at home.  It is recommended that you do so frequently for all family members.
  6. Discourage children and family members from sharing hair tools and accessories (such as brushes, combs, ponytail holders, headbands, etc.), clothes, towels, hats, scarves and similar items.