Lice Removal in Toronto; There Once Was A Louse…

There once was a louse who lived in a house atop a child’s head- The Lice People saw it, combed through and caught it, and now that louse is dead.

Where most tales bring some satire to our day or create a bit of an unrealistic escape, our tale reigns true in the complete extermination of head-lice.

Living in and around Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, we are all privileged to have almost every service imaginable within our reach- professional head lice removal being one of them.

Here at The Lice People, we are dedicated to treating and educating you and your children on complete head lice removal and prevention.

Our staff are trained in the Shepherd technique in which we manually go through the hair strand-by-strand and remove all bugs and eggs in one sitting. Located in Toronto, our clinic accommodates children, teenagers, and adults of all ages- and we work with you individually and ensure we meet your head lice removal needs.
Give us, The Lice People, a call today and come visit our Toronto head lice removal clinic.

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