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October- a month filled with Thanksgiving warmth, scenic beauty, and Halloween fun.
Though one thing that can bring everything to an abrupt stop- LICE!
That’s right, lice isn’t only confined to warmer summer months- they are very much present all year-round.

Most schools have conducted back-to-school lice checks. Children that have been diagnosed with lice have since sought treatment and returned to school. Though still there are plenty kids presenting with lice well into October.
Granted, there are some schools which have not yet performed lice checks and there are children going day-by-day completely undetected, but at schools where children have been identified with lice, still there are children presenting well after detection and treatment. This is happening for a number of reasons:

Many parents are unaware and misinformed when it comes to lice. Schools aren’t preparing teachers to educate their students on lice and lice prevention, as well as providing parents with information and prevention tips. Unfortunately the first (and last) parents learn about lice from the school is once their children are actually diagnosed with lice and sent home.
After treatment (whether successful or unsuccessful), children return to school not even knowing the probable cause or proper prevention of lice- leaving them at risk for re-infestation.

Unsuccessful lice removal treatment is another reason for the ongoing lice epidemic. Not many parents are aware of the option of seeking professional lice removal – rather, over-the-counter lice treatments seems like the obvious and trusted choice- but most of the time that has proven to be completely bogus. Most schools and even physicians suggest the use of OTC lice removal products, but what they don’t seem to realize is that these products are no longer effective due to lice becoming almost completely immune. That being said, parents send their kids back to school after the use of an OTC treatment completely unaware that it has done absolutely nothing, leaving the kids to infest other children.

We, The Lice People, are a Toronto-based professional lice removal clinic. We are all trained professionals in lice identification, lice treatment, education, and prevention. We guarantee that your children return to school completely lice free after 1 treatment. We too are devoted to educating both parents and children to know the ins and outs of lice and how to prevent it.
Have your children enjoy their school year lice-free- and help in keeping the schools lice free.
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