Lice Treatment – Is it a nit???

November is already here and we’re all feeling the chill of winter. Lice too are feeling the chill and are adapting by seeking refuge in our hair as close to the warmth of our heads as possible. It’s hard enough to discover a lice infestation on ourselves or on our children in the warmer months when eggs are distributed further along the hair shaft- though it’s harder now since lice are laying their eggs as close to the scalp as possible.

It’s common to mistake an egg for hair debris vice versa. Here are a few pointers in identifying an egg and ruling out hair debris:

*eggs are cemented to the hair- in other words, flakes or other hair debris will easily slide off the hair shaft, whereas an egg will firmly stay in place and can only be removed by manually scraping it off the hair shaft.

*eggs are all uniform in shape and size- they are about the same size as a pin head and are the same shape as a sesame seed.

*eggs range in colour from cream to coffee (similar in colour to the hair colour it is found in- yes, they adapt to hair colour!)

*although eggs can be found all over the head, most common hot spots to find eggs are under the layers of hair by the nape of the neck, crown of the head, and behind the ears.

Lice eggs have to be manually removed to ensure 100% successful lice removal. Store bought treatments and home remedies are powerless on eggs, and so alternative lice treatment should be considered. Even with the tips provided above, it can still be frustratingly difficult to positively identify lice – all the more reason to consider professional lice treatment.

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice treatment clinic in Toronto. All of our staff are lice removal experts trained in lice identification, lice treatment, lice prevention, as well as lice education. Our method is such that not only do we remove the lice bugs, but we manually remove all the eggs from each individual hair – all without the use of harsh toxins or pesticides. Best of all, after one sitting you will be completely lice-free.

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