Lice Treatments in Toronto…On Closer Inspection, You Have Lice…

We as parents are always looking out for our kids- making sure they’re safe, fed, and are provided with the necessary skills to get through life. We can always recognize a new bruise, scrape, or even pieces of candy that become mysteriously adhered to their faces, yet head lice continues to elude even the most hawk-eyed of parents.

Identifying lice can be difficult by most, especially if you’ve never experienced a head-lice infestation before. Once the idea of head-lice has been implanted into your mind, soon enough everything you see in your child’s hair will scream LICE!

Guaranteed most of what you’re seeing are common hair debris. A rule of thumb in detecting lice eggs is that if you do find a suspicious spot, try flick it off of the hair. If it flakes off it’s not an egg! An egg will be cemented to the hair-shaft- the only way to dislodge an egg is to manually scrape it down and off the hair-shaft.
If you think you may have found an egg, remove it from the hair shaft and place it on a white piece of paper. It should resemble a very small sesame seed with a little hair sticking out of it. The colour could range anywhere from cream to a dark brown.

So you think you found an egg? 1 egg definitely confirms lice, since in order for there to be an egg, there had to have been an adult bug first. Upon searching, you may not find the actual bug due to the fact that they are extremely fast and are masters at hiding.

Now what?
Don’t panic! Don’t rush out to the doctor or the pharmacy. The over-the-counter lice treatments they recommend do absolutely nothing. While they MAY kill the bugs (not always), the eggs remain completely unharmed, ready to hatch, and keep the infestation on a steady incline (not to mention these products are rife with chemicals and pesticides). Home remedies too produce the same results as OTC lice products.

For a safe and successful lice treatment, contact us, The Lice People. We are a Toronto based professional lice removal clinic. We specialize in head lice detection, removal, prevention, as well as education. All of our products are natural with no chemicals or pesticides. Our lice treatment method uses manual strand-by-strand lice removal treatment as opposed to harmful chemical-based products. By going through the hair strand-by-strand, we are able to remove every egg and bug from your hair in one sitting.
Call us today or visit our Toronto lice treatment salon if you have or think you may have lice. We’re more than happy to help.

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