Lice Treatments During Vacation Lice Memento?… Absolute No-No!

It’s that time again- WINTER… which for many of us here in Toronto means vacation time. Whether we’ve made plans to fly to the tropics, or keep it local and embrace everything our Canadian winter has to offer, we’re all after the same thing- well deserved quality time with family as well as ourselves.

Though we may already have an extensive check-list for our break, one thing that everyone should include is an anti-head lice kit. That’s right- lice is always a threat both here and across the globe. I’m sure the last thing you want to end your vacation with is a bad case of head-lice… So here are a few tips in having the ultimate anti-lice kit:

1) Terminator Comb- the most effective lice comb on the market. With one comb through it will catch almost anything and everything in its path- so after being at the airports, heavily populated markets, and even large get-togethers- have your Terminator comb handy for a quick and easy comb through to catch any unwanted visitors before it evolves into serious head lice infestation.

2) Lice Repellents- be sure to carry with you an effective lice repellent such as The Lice People’s Mint Spray. With a few sprays before you start the day, lice will be sure to avoid you at all costs.

3) Lint Roller- an easily overlooked but very useful tool to have with you when traveling. You can discreetly run it over airplane seats, train, bus, or car seats to pick up anything that could transfer into your hair.

We, The Lice People, are here to give you the peace of mind not only during the holiday season, but year-round. We are a professional lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. Our staff are trained not only in lice treatments, but in prevention and education as well. We are here for all your lice treatment and lice product needs. All of our products, including the Terminator Comb as well as the Repellent Mint Spray, are safe to use on children and adults of all ages.

Give us a call today, and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. 905 7609292 or 416 7007434 or Visit us at:

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