Lice Treatments in Toronto…Why Me?!!!

One of the first reactions we face when discovering we have head lice is “why me?” and “what did I do wrong to cause a lice infestation?”
You start questioning the upkeep of your house as well as your personal hygiene- and listening to negative reactions by others you start to believe that something in your lifestyle has brought this on. Sure, the idea of bugs and eggs in your hair by others or even yourself may sound dirty- the reality is it has nothing to do with dirt or poor hygiene at all.

There are SO many misconceptions when it comes to head lice- most focusing around the topic of cleanliness.
The first thing you should know is that head lice has nothing to do with being dirty, in fact, lice gravitate towards clean hair and are able to thrive and multiply more so in clean hair.

So why me?? It shouldn’t be a question of why me, though rather a statement of “it was just a matter of time…”. Lice aren’t as scarce as we may think- we may hear of random isolated cases, but in actual fact, head lice is just as common and just as contagious as a common cold. The difference between the two is that with a cold, you have no choice but to let it pass- whether it takes a few days or weeks. Head lice on the other hand, you can treat it the day you discover you have it and be completely free of it.

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. Our staff are trained in detection, lice treatments, prevention, as well as education. As we deliver thorough and successful treatments, we too deliver the facts while putting your mind at ease. Don’t be consumed by negativity- call us today and resume your normal life- drama free.

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