Nice Try, Head Lice! Lice Treatment Toronto

Head lice in Toronto is a sensitive issue that stops most anyone in their tracks, whether they’ve learned that they themselves have it, their children have it, a close friend, or perhaps hearing of a head lice breakout that could possibly set them at risk of getting it.

Head lice isn’t as big of an issue as most people have made it out to be. Sure, they’re highly contagious- but that’s no different to having a bad cold. The only difference is head lice can be treated in one day at our Toronto lice treatment clinic!

Head lice does not implicate poor hygiene- in fact- it’s the opposite. Lice prefer clean hair to greasier hair since the grease makes it difficult to move along the hair shaft (kind of like us trying to walk on an icy sidewalk)

If you are unsure or even if you know you or your children happen to have head lice, we The Lice People can help. We’re a professional head lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. All of our staff are highly trained in lice detection, lice treatment, lice prevention and lice education. Best of all our treatment is guaranteed. Our manual strand-by-strand approach sets us apart from all the other head lice treatments currently on the market- plus we don’t use the harsh chemicals or pesticides that most of these products are overrun with.

Give us, The Lice People a call today at our Toronto lice treatment clinic- we’ll make your head lice woes go away.

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