School Bells Jingling, Lice Bugs Mingling

All around Toronto, schools are battling ongoing head lice infestations. Most of us naturally let our guard down in winter thinking that lice are less prevalent in the colder months, though in reality, head lice in winter is just as common as it is in the summer. Unfortunately, most parents with children at school only learn of their child’s active lice infestation after an outbreak. By that time, whether it is in one class or the entire school, you now have to deal with an issue that can seem not only overwhelming for you as a parent, but for your children as well.

There are many ways to avoid your child getting lice in the first place (keeping your kids home isn’t one of them).¬† As well if your kids currently have or have had head lice, there are ways to stop and prevent lice from spreading or returning.

First you can take a deep breath- your child having lice does not mean you are to blame! The nature of lice is such that it spreads like wildfire. In an instant your child could brush past another child with lice, they have one split second of hair-to-hair contact, and your child has now picked up lice. With that, as most cases start out mild and most often undetectable, in a matter of weeks it will be a full blown infestation. All it takes is one pregnant female to latch onto the hair- laying up to 10 eggs a day.

That being said, all of this can be dealt with and avoided before it gets out of hand.

We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice removal clinic located in Toronto. Our staff are trained in detecting even the mildest cases of head lice, performing safe and effective same day head lice removal  treatments, as well as providing you with the tools and knowledge to prevent any future infestations.

Even if you don’t see anything indicative of lice in your child’s hair, bring them in to our clinic for professional examination. We are here to stop the infestations before it worsens or spreads to others.

Don’t let head lice interfere with your kids, especially while in school.

Call us, The Lice People, today at 905 7609292 or 416 7007434 or visit us at: for all your head lice removal solutions!