School is Back! Headlice prevention tips

As camps close up and as summer is nearing its end, kids are returning back to school with fond summer memories, new gadgets, and of course – LICE!

Although not all kids will return with these nifty little critters, many kids do and so it is essential for both kids and parents know the ins and outs of lice prevention to ensure a worry-free and productive school year.
Lice are very contagious, and so it is very important to have your kids checked by trained professionals at our Toronto lice removal salon if they have been in contact with anyone who has recently had lice. If you are unsure whether or not they have been in contact, have a trained professional from our salon check it out to be on the safe side (when in doubt- check it out!!).

Once you suspect or see that your child has lice, any siblings and even you, mom and dad, should be checked as well since lice is very commonly spread among household family members.
Lice may be difficult for the untrained eye to detect, and physical signs and symptoms are not always present, so having our staff of lice technicians perform checks and treatments is the most effective option in detecting as well as removing lice successfully- and keeping them away!

A few warning signs that may be present (but not always present in everyone) is itching at the scalp, leading to constant scratching, small red abrasions on the scalp may be indicative of bites left by the lice.
Prevention of head lice can easily be achieved by first being aware of the nature of lice transmission, which is by direct head-to-head contact… not by pets, sand, or dirt. Not everyone can avoid head-to-head contact, especially young girls who focus their days on their friends hair, or even a simple hug creates head-to-head contact. So you must be asking yourself, “do my kids and I have to stay in a bubble away from everyone to remain lice free?” and to that I say, absolutely not, but there are some tips to follow to help prevent transmission:

• Before your kids run out the door to school, soccer practice, or a friend’s house, spray their hair with The Lice People Mint Spritz which helps keep lice away.

• Keep long hair tied up in a tight ponytail or bun, and have any loose hairs or bangs clipped up and out of the way.

• Avoid sharing hair accessories such as hairbrushes, hair elastics, clips and hats.

• Talk to your kids about lice and ways to prevent it while they go about their day-to-day activities either at school or with friends.

Lice is nothing for you, your children, or ANYONE else to fear. Lice is no worse than a cold, and just about as common. Our staff at The Lice People are here to help you and make lice prevention and removal easily achievable, especially in this back to school season. For more information, feel free to call our Toronto Lice Removal Salon at 905-760-9292.

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