School Is Back In Session – Toronto head lice treatment

All around Toronto school bells are ringing as kids are returning to school after a much anticipated and well earned winter break. Whether some of us have returned with a tan, or a calm cool demeanor after chilling out in Canada’s winter wonderland, we don’t want our kids returning to school only to be sent home with head lice.
Often when schools are closed for break, our kids are at greater risk of contracting head lice after constantly hanging out with friends as well as being unknowingly exposed to lice on vacation.
Instead of waiting for schools to perform winter head checks (if they even do them at all), get ahead of the game before it’s too late and have your children checked at a professional head lice treatment clinic.
We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. Our staff are trained in performing thorough head checks, safe and successful head lice treatments, as well as providing support and helpful post-care and prevention instruction. If your child has been diagnosed with lice whether at school, by us, or home, our one-day treatment will ensure your child will be completely lice free and ready to resume their daily routines.
Stop lice in their tracks before it has the chance to spread.

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