Schools Are Sending Kids Home With More Than Just Homework…Head lice removal in Toronto

Many schools in Toronto and in the GTA have conducted their back-to-school head lice checks, though many children continue to present with active infestations. We need to ask ourselves how and why this is happening?

Granted, some schools haven’t yet conducted head lice checks while being well into November. Amongst those who have not organized checks, some outright refuse to bring in professionals to perform checks, or only wait until a child in the school comes forward with lice. Even then, the whole school won’t be checked- rather, the class in which the child was identified will be notified and maybe checked most likely by school staff.

Unfortunately, most school staff aren’t properly trained in head lice detection, and the mildest of cases will be overlooked – soon developing into a moderate case and even a severe case- putting the entire school in jeopardy.

In schools that have performed checks and continue to do so, children that have been identified will be sent home with a recommendation that they use an over-the-counter treatment for head lice removal. The problem is that these products are ineffective. Since these products have been used and unchanged for years and years, lice have built up an immunity, rendering these treatments useless.

After using these unsuccessful treatments the child returns to the school- provides the name of the treatment used, and returns to class despite still having eggs and possibly still live bugs in their hair- thus continuing the cycle of ongoing head lice infestations.

Whether your child has been checked and cleared, or checked and identified with head lice, we recommend you come see us, The Lice People. We are a professional head lice removal company located in Toronto. Our staff are trained in lice detection, treatment, prevention, and education. We see plenty of children who have been dealing with ongoing infestations despite the use of store-bought products, as well as re-infestations due to in-school exposure. Our method for successful head lice removal is that instead of using chemical products, we go through the hair manually strand-by-strand, removing all bugs and eggs in one sitting. Also, we provide you with the tools you need to prevent a re-infestation, even around children who have no yet been treated.

Give us a call today, and have your kids bring home homework from school- not lice.

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