The Lice People’s services include Salon based lice removal treatment, In-home treatment, School and Camp screenings as well as community outreach

Our salon services fees

$70 per hour for the first hour and then billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.

We will completely rid your hair of all bugs and nits in only one treatment (severe infestations may take more than one).  There will be NO significant daily combing necessary once you leave.  We offer two follow-up checks included in the treatment fee. Our treatment is 100% Guaranteed.

Lice treatment service


Although we do offer home based services at $90 per hour plus travel, we HIGHLY recommend that you come to our salon in Vaughan to be treated.   Correct lighting plays a huge role in the success of our lice removal technique and allows our technicians to completely rid your hair of all bugs and nits.  Our child friendly salon is highly equipped with tons of gadget to entertain your child for hours.  Children are less distracted when in our salon than they are at home.