Our Community Services:

Head lice are an important community issue, causing disruption to families, schools, and the work place. They impede with student learning, interfere with attendance, affect overall self-esteem and reactions to head lice can lead to teasing or bullying.

Managing head lice from a community level has been proven to help prevent outbreaks. The Lice People have travelled to many remote areas to teach and train entire communities. Our solutions for communities program has been extremely successful normalizing the subject of head lice and debunking the myths.


Screening Training Session:

Properly trained volunteers greatly reduce the chance of misdiagnosis and are able to offer additional help to families who are struggling. The Lice People training session teaches everything you need to establish and maintain a successful screening program.

This training program is ideal for community groups, daycare centres or clubs. We include a lice checklist, how to deal with outbreaks, confidentiality, screening etiquette, preventative measures, how to break the lifecycle and beat the infestation, and educational materials including samples of head lice and nits.

Our hands-on screening component provides an opportunity to experience a screening session, and maintain confidentiality while building confidence diagnosing infestations.

You will leave our session with enough knowledge to confidently screen and help prevent head lice infestations.

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Removal Training Session

Having a group of volunteers trained in head lice removal will provide additional help to families struggling as they know first hand what it is like to remove head lice.

The Lice People Removal Training session includes information on lice facts, the lifecycle of the head louse, how to diagnose an infestation, confidentiality, and current preventative measures with a huge focus on using the Wet-Combing method of removal. Our hands-on component teaches exactly how to eliminate head lice and is guarranteed to build confidence.

This session goes well as a second component to your screening training.

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Head Lice Informational Seminar

The Lice People Informational Seminar provides basic information on head lice. Head lice can affect anyone so we encourage as many families as possible to attend. We include current information on lice facts, how to screen and treat, how to break the lifecycle, debunking myths and provide information on how to help prevent head lice infestations. We also go through the signs and indications of head lice, how to help prevent spreading head lice in the community along with information on dealing with outbreaks. Participants can view actual samples of head lice and nits and have all their questions answered by our lice specialists.

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