Spring Cheers and Lice Fears

Finally the temperature is on the rise in Toronto as we were all eagerly awaiting the end of winter and the beginnings of spring. As most of us have been rounding up our jackets, hats, and scarves to be stored away, we can’t afford to store away ever-present threat of head lice.

Though many seem to believe head lice is more of an issue in winter due to an array of scarves and hats, it is in fact a year-round issue – both in hot and cold weather, hats or no hats.
We too, are made more aware of lice during autumn and winter due to ongoing school head lice checks, though now that school is nearing its end, there won’t be organized checks to bring awareness as it happens.

In a family with young children currently in daycare and or in school, it is highly encouraged that you perform spot checks every so often and especially once schools are out for the summer. For this, a good lice comb will come in handy. Eggs, though unmistakable to the trained eye, can very easily be overlooked and passed off as dandruff. Eggs will typically be uniform in shape and size and will be physically stuck to the hair shaft, whereas dandruff will just flake off. Using a good comb, such as The Terminator lice comb, on a weekly basis, will strip off the eggs making it easier to determine and confirm the possibility of head lice.

If you believe you are seeing what appear to be eggs, over-the-counter head lice treatments although convenient and readily available should be avoided. Not only are they harsh pesticides, but over recent years they have proven to be ineffective towards successful lice removal.

We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice treatment salon located in Toronto. Out team of head lice technicians are here to work with you to not only thoroughly check and confirm a case of head lice, but to perform a safe, all-natural, and highly effective treatment in one sitting.

We provide you with the knowledge and tools to keep lice away.

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