The Elusive Ever-adapting Louse

It’s safe to say that our wonderful warm weather is a thing of the past as we are all suiting up for winter.
As we are trying to keep warm in these colder months, lice too are keeping warm atop our heads.
While it seems more common that lice presents itself in the summer (what with camps and back to school and all) – it still doesn’t mean lice is not as common in the colder months as they are in the warmer months.
With almost all schools in the district that have already conducted lice checks on students- and students who had been treated for lice since- it’s easy to let our guard down… but yet, many kids are still presenting with lice.
It is quite possible that a child may have a very mild case of lice- so mild that it can be easily missed by school checks or parents… But give it a week or a few and that mild case will soon be a severe case.
All of this can be avoided by talking to your kids- and parents of their friends. If you know one of your kids friends has or recently had lice, they should be checked to make sure they are lice-free.
Talk to your kids about not sharing head and hair accessories- now with winter on the way- hats and scarves too should not be shared. Any long and loose hairs should be tied up or clipped back.
Use good lice repellents such as The Lice People Repellent Mint Spray. Non-toxic and pesticide free (as all of our products are), our mint spray works wonders in keeping lice away- just a few sprays in the morning before they leave for school.

If your child has lice or you think they may have, contact us, The Lice People, and our trained lice removal technicians will conduct checks and necessary treatment from our Toronto-based lice treatment salon.
Always know that you’re not alone- we understand how frustrating lice removal and infestation can be. Let us help you through it and you can make the most of this upcoming winter season -lice free!!

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