The Studious Louse

As your kids are now into their first and second week of school, it’s very probable that their schools have already conducted lice checks on all the students.
It is important to know your child’s school policy on head lice. Not all schools are as strict as others when it comes to a positive lice infestation as well as keeping other kids clear of it. Whether it is a child or family member that are completely unaware that they have lice, or at home treatments which have failed to completely eradicate the infestation, children are walking into schools which are potentially compromising an otherwise lice-free environment despite already being checked at school.
If after being checked at school your child was free of lice, that doesn’t mean they’re not still at risk for getting it. They are still exposed to children at the school who do have lice – so it is important in the meantime to keep loose hair up in a tight bun or ponytail. Talk to your kids about not sharing hair and head accessories such as brushes, hair elastics, and hats. Use The Lice People Nit Terminator Comb on your child’s hair weekly. You will be brushing thoroughly through the hair catching any lice that may have been transferred post-school head check. It is very important to use The Lice People Mint Spray on your child each morning before they leave the house. Lice do not like the smell of mint making it a good repellent.
If your child was checked and found to have lice, something you may have already experienced, you are notified immediately and your child is sent home until they are fit to return to the classrooms. It seems as though different schools have a different meaning to what “fit” is. Often a parent will use an at home remedy or drug store bought lice treatment product. Recent studies have shown that store bought lice treatments aren’t as effective as they once were. This is due to the lice building a resistance against the products so commonly used. Even at-home remedies although may be effective on the adults, the eggs are still almost completely resistant to everything, and while the adult lice may have been exterminated initially, the eggs will soon hatch creating an ongoing cycle of lice infestation.
That being said, it is often the case that a child is sent home with a case of lice and then treated with store bought products or at-home remedies. Upon his or her return to school, depending on school policy (some are more strict than others), they should ask when the child was treated, how the child was treated, where the child was treated, and if they are completely lice free- and this should aid in prevention of re-infestation. From experience, most schools just ask if the child is lice free- but without further enquiries it is almost impossible for the schools to know whether a child is actually lice free risking possible transferring of lice to others upon their return to school. Even parents can’t be completely certain that their child is lice free after use of various store bought products. In order to be completely sure that your child is completely lice free, not only should the adult bugs be completely removed, but ALL the eggs must be completely removed… and this is something that a store-bought product cannot achieve. Here at our Toronto lice salon, all of our technicians are specially trained to completely remove the bugs as well as the eggs ensuring 100% lice removal.

Here is a checklist to follow when dealing with a current lice infestation, preventing re-infestation, as well as preventing infestation altogether:

-Call us, The Lice People, to check and treat lice in a stress-free environment. Unsure if your child has lice? Don’t wait until it’s too late- come in for a check!

-Be sure to check out our line of pesticide-free, non-toxic lice treatment products to make your lice experience the last lice experience.

-Sit down with your kids and explain the importance of keeping head and hair accessories to themselves, as well as the importance of keeping long and loose hair up in a tight ponytail or bun, or even clipped out of the way.

-Take a deep breath and relax. Lice is not a big deal! It is nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Lice is just as common as a cold. Know that we are here to treat lice as quickly as it came.

Make this school year count! Don’t let these pesky little critters interfere with your children. Call us, The Lice People, today (416)700-7434.