The Worrisome Itch – Lice Treatments In Toronto

When most people see someone scratching their heads, or if you yourself feel an itch, it’s almost automatic that we think of head lice.

Whether you’ve never had it before, or have had it time and time again, most of us believe that it is the itch that gives it away- well, that’s not always the case.

Only 50% of lice cases feel the itch… The other 50% have no idea that anything has been feasting atop their heads. Itching may very well be a telltale sign of head lice, though it could too be a number of things. Dry scalp causing one to itch as well as psychological head games can make it seem as though you’re itching due to lice. That’s not to say you should ignore an itch when you feel it, one should always consider the possibility especially in families with younger children.

Without feeling anything, head lice can go undetected for weeks until it reaches a point where you visibly see eggs and even bugs weaving through your hair. That being said, especially in families with young children, it is essential to have a good lice comb as part of your bathroom armamentarium to pull out and use from time to time – itch or no itch.

We, The Lice People, offer¬†head lice services in Vaughan. We have tried and tested all the lice combs on the market- and the most successful and effective comb we’ve found to date is the Terminator comb. With its long teeth and grips on each tooth, we recommend the Terminator to all families, whether they’ve never had head lice, or have had ongoing head lice infestations.

If you have a lice comb and think you’ve found something, if you’re not sure, or don’t have the means to check at all, we are here to help. We highly encourage you come get checked whether you’ve felt an itch or not. If it so happens you have lice -either self-discovered or confirmed at our clinic, we then perform safe and guaranteed lice treatment that will leave you lice free by the end of your appointment.

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