For all your lice treatment needs

As kids around Toronto have settled into their school routines and as most head-lice checks have been performed, still, many kids are presenting with head-lice still being spread within the school environment.
One of the most recommended products for lice treatment is Nix head lice treatment- though it has become apparent that this product is no longer effective in lice removal- lice have become completely resistant not only to the Nix treatment, but to all over-the-counter treatments currently on the market.

This is where we, The Lice People, step in. We are a Toronto based lice treatment salon which specializes in lice treatment, prevention, and education.

Our technique of lice removal is such that we manually remove all lice and eggs in one sitting without the use of toxins or pesticides. Best of all our treatment is guaranteed- and upon leaving our salon your children can return to school the next day.

If you are currently battling lice, or suspect that you or your children may have lice, call us, The Lice People at our Toronto Lice Treatment clinic, and put your worries behind you.

905 7609292 or 416 7007434 or

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