Toronto Schools Still Battling Head Lice…Help is Available!

As we are well into November, one would think that the summer head-lice rush is behind us, though it is apparent that that’s not the case at all.
Here at our Toronto head lice treatment clinic, we are constantly flooded with children who have been sent home with a case of head lice. In most of these cases, an infestation could have been prevented by relaying simple preventative instruction by school staff to all students as well as parents. Unfortunately, only until there is a known case in a school do they then briefly touch base with the issue with their students (brief meaning a quick explanation to what head lice is and stating its contagious nature). In most Toronto schools, a letter will be sent home with the affected child, though too the letters provide a brief explanation while rather pushing the message that the child cannot attend school until they have been treated. Also, the suggested treatments are often over-the-counter head lice treatments that don’t work. Without further explanation or suggestions in successfully treating head lice, the child returns to school (possibly undetected or granted access solely due to the fact they used a home treatment despite the unknowingly unsuccessful removal of head lice). This, in turn, continuously keeps the lice epidemic in a never-ending cycle.

We, The Lice People, are a professional head lice treatment clinic in Toronto. Not only do we provide head lice treatment, it is our mission to educate schools, children, and parents on head lice and how to prevent it with the hopes of putting a stop to it altogether. Don’t be lead blind by cold, generic suggestions- call us today and get the treatment and service you deserve.

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