Treatment for Head Lice in Toronto-Lice, Meet Your Worst Nightmare- The Lice People

Toronto, a fast paced and efficient city allowing hardly any time to dwell on the troubles life throws at us. Head lice, on the other hand, is enough to bring your busy on-the-go routines to an abrupt halt.
Automatically upon learning you have lice, time slows almost to a stop and your head starts spinning- pushing every other thought and plans out the window.
Dealing with treatment for head lice can throw you off even more- struggling with products that fail to live up to their promises for complete and successful head lice removal.

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice removal clinic located in Toronto. We provide treatment for head lice that is guaranteed in only one treatment- that’s right- it’s a one day treatment and you’re set to continue your on-the-go schedules. Not only do we provide treatment, we provide you with the tools to prevent it from coming back. Our method of treatment is different to traditional over-the-counter chemical treatments in that we go through your hair strand-by-strand, manually removing all bugs and eggs in one sitting. All of our products used are natural and pesticide free.
Give us a call today – don’t let head lice slow you down- get treated and continue with your normal day.

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