Treatment for Head lice in Toronto

Treatment for head lice can be just as (if not, more) daunting than learning you have lice in the first place. Most of us tend to go for what seems to be the obvious choice (and seemingly the only choice) which is an over-the-counter head lice treatment.

Why wouldn’t OTC treatments be the obvious choice? They’re everywhere, school and physicians recommend them, most everyone with lice uses them, and they’ve been around for years and years.

Sounds promising… but in actual fact- THEY DO NOT WORK!
Over-the-counter head lice treatment was once quite effective many years ago, though with years and years of exposure of these unchanged products on lice have only enabled them to build an almost full immunity to all of these products. While in some cases some live bugs may be killed, in ALL cases there is NOTHING that can kill or destroy the eggs. Unless all the eggs are manually removed from the hair, lice will continue to hatch, feed, and multiply.

So now what? An over-the-counter lice treatment may seem to be the only solution other than shaving your head…
There is another (and 100% effective option) for head lice removal other than over-the-counter products- and that is professional lice removal.

This is where we, The Lice People, step in. We are a professional lice treatment clinic located in Toronto. All of our lice technicians are trained in everything from lice detection, safe and 100% successful lice treatment, lice education, and lice prevention. We don’t rely on a product to treat lice. Rather, our method is to manually remove all lice bugs and eggs from the hair in one sitting.

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