Treatment for Head Lice

We all know how overwhelming it can be to learn that you or your children have lice… and what’s most overwhelming is dealing with treatment after treatment without an end in sight.

Most of us aren’t made aware of different headlice treatment options other than over-the-counter shampoos or home remedies. Most schools as well as physicians where a child is discovered with lice recommend the use of over-the-counter products – but what isn’t mentioned is that they don’t work- or at least they are nowhere near as effective as they once were many years ago. Lice have built up an almost complete immunity to all products on the market due to years and years of unchanged treatment formulas. Even if lice bugs are killed by certain treatments- there is NOTHING that will kill the eggs- thus leaving them to hatch, grow, and continue an ongoing lice infestation.
Its not uncommon to see families spending hundreds of dollars on treatments that result in an undying infestation.

Perhaps it is time to consider professional treatment for headlice.

This is where we, The Lice People, step in. We are a professional lice removal clinic located in Toronto. We don’t depend on the use of toxic/pesticide-rich products- rather we use a technique in which we go through the hair strand-by-strand manually removing everything in one sitting. This means you leave our clinic completely lice-free and ready to resume your daily routines.
Not only do we provide our fail-safe treatment, we provide you with the tools you need to prevent lice from re-occurring.

Make your lice problems history-
Call us, The Lice People, today!

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