Treatment for Headlice in Toronto

Lice… That one little word has the power to instill fear in parents nation-wide as well as leave everyone else running for cover. At what point in time did lice cause such a reaction? Sure, it’s annoying – but it certainly is no curse!
The fact is, lice is everywhere and most people will encounter lice in some way in their lifetime- whether at school, walking past a stranger on a sidewalk, or even by those closest to you! Of course some people are lucky enough not to get it, but for those of us not so lucky, there are solutions to what can seem like an endless affliction.
The truth is, headlice treatment can be pretty tricky. Between store bought headlice treatments (that don’t work), and the fact that lice are very elusive little critters, you may find yourself at the end of your rope in an ongoing cycle of failed chemical treatments and re-infestation.

Here, at The Lice People, we are a Toronto-based headlice treatment salon that provides a unique and effective way to eradicate lice without the use of harsh toxins or pesticides. All of our technicians are trained in lice detection and removal. What sets us apart and makes our treatment technique fail-safe is that we go through your hair manually removing all bugs and eggs strand by strand.

We make sure you not only walk out of our salon lice-free- but that you walk out educated and confident on prevention of re-infestation.

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