Treatment for Headlice

No parent wants to learn that their child has headlice. While many schools in Ontario already have conducted their back-to-school lice checks, there are still schools that are conducting lice checks towards the end of October.
Most children who were identified with lice in September have since sought treatment for headlice- though some of those children have still presented with lice a month later.

Headlice treatment alone is not always the key in achieving and keeping your children lice free. Educating your kids on the Do’s and Don’t Do’s for headlice prevention is essential.
Both in school and at after school activities, long and loose hair should be kept up in a ponytail or a bun at all times. This alone will greatly decrease the chances of lice infestation as well as re-infestation since lice relish the chance to attach themselves to loose hairs.
There should be no sharing of hair and head accessories – especially with halloween just around the corner- avoiding sharing of masks will also lessen the chances of obtaining headlice. Also, with the colder months creeping up on us, scarves and hats should also be kept to ones-self.

If you have a child that has not yet been treated for their lice infestation/re-infestation, or if common store-bought treatments have not worked, we, The Lice People, provide a professional headlice removal service. Our Toronto salon not only treats headlice, we provide education and thorough post treatment care and tips to keep your kids lice free.

Call us today and have your kids enjoy a lice-free school year at 905 7609292 or 416 7007434 or visit

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