Vinegar, Oil.. Wait.. That’s Salad Dressing!

When it comes to head lice, almost everyone will have their own opinion on how to get rid of it – anything from vinegar, to oil, to mayonnaise, and even vasoline and gasoline.

The fact is, almost anything can kill lice bugs if kept on the head long enough so that they eventually suffocate, but the eggs are completely impenetrable by everything- even over-the-counter head lice removal treatments. It happens time and time again where home remedies or store bought treatments are used, and the next morning baby lice bugs are found crawling around the scalp without a care in the world.
Of course you’ll be left frustrated, feeling helpless and out of options, especially if you’ve tried various products time and time again without prevail. You may feel that lice has become a life-long burden.. until now…

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice removers in Toronto. Our entire staff are trained in lice detection, lice removal, as well as prevention and education. Here at our clinic, we don’t rely on the use of products or chemicals- rather, we perform manual strand-by-strand removal of all eggs and bugs in one sitting. Our stress free and effective treatments are safe for children and adults of all ages.
Stop battling through products and remedies that don’t work.
Give us a call today.

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