Why You Should Come To The Lice People And NOT Use Over The Counter Products

Why you should come to The Lice People and NOT use over the counter products?

The Lice People services are guaranteed and all of our products are safe. We do not use pesticides, so our products are not toxic. We are also pediatrician recommended. Most the clients that come to The Lice Peoplehave already used an something which they believed would get rid of the head lice; for instance, nix or rid, and had to come to The Lice People because they did not get rid of the infestation. After our lice treatment, and once the whole family have been screened, and everyone who has head lice is treated, you are entitled to 30 day guarantee free of charge.

The over the counter products kill about 60-70 percent of the head lice and nothing gets rid of the nits. These products, including Nix and Rid are toxic pesticides that are bad for you scalp and hair.  You either have to comb them out and  manually picked them out one by one.  Most people after using the over the counter products complain that their hair is falling out and having a dry scalp, as well as not being able to get rid of the head lice.

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