Winter Lice Woes Are Upon Us – Head lice Treatment in Toronto

Once again the summer and fall are distant memories as we are preparing for winter. If only we could say lice too will be a distant memory from summer days, unfortunately head lice is just as prevalent in the winter as it is in summer.

Although many schools in and around Toronto have performed their back-to-school head lice checks, enough time has lapsed for previously unidentified head lice infestations to worsen and spread to others. Though many schools perform winter break head lice checks, there are still many that do not. The best thing is to be prepared at home and to not rely on school checks if and when they take place. It is recommended that your kids be checked by professionals at a head lice treatment salon to ensure they are either clear or have head lice and require treatment. Checks are always recommended if you know your child has been in contact with someone who has or recently had head lice, as well as once you receive a letter from the school indicating lice in the classroom.

We, The Lice People, are a professional lice treatment salon located in Toronto.  Our team of lice experts are here to perform thorough head checks and provide complete lice removal .  Our natural, child friendly treatments, provide you with top of the line lice removal products as well as education and prevention.

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